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Native speaker论文45个最经典替换词——写作即时高大上!

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Native speaker论文45个最经典替换词——写作即时高大上!
1. individuals, characters, folks 替换 people , persons.

2. positive, favorable, rosy, promising, perfect, pleasurable, excellent, outstanding, superior 替换 good.

3. dreadful, unfavorable, poor, adverse, ill 替换 bad(如果bad做表语,可以有be less impressive替换。)

4. an army of, an ocean of, a sea of, a multitude of, a host of, many, if not most 替换 many.

注:用many, if not most 一定要小心,many后一定要有词。

5. a slice of, quiet a few 替换 some.

6. harbor the idea that, take the attitude that, hold the view that, it is widely shared that, it is universally acknowledged that 替换 think(因为是书面语,所以要加that)。

7. affair, business, matter 替换 thing.

8. shared 替换 common .

9. reap huge fruits 替换 get many benefits.

10. for my part ,from my own perspective 替换 in my opinion.

11. Increasing(ly), growing 替换 more and more(注意没有growingly这种形式。所以当修饰名词时用increasing/growing修饰形容词,副词用increasingly.)

12. little if anything或little or nothing 替换 hardly.

13. beneficial, rewarding 替换 helpful.

14. shopper, client, consumer, purchaser 替换 customer.

15. overwhelmingly, exceedingly, extremely, intensely 替换 very.

16. hardly necessary, hardly inevitable… 替换 unnecessary, avoidable.

17. indispensable 替换 necessary.

18. sth appeals to sb, sth exerts a tremendous fascination on sb 替换sb take interest in / sb. be interested in.

19. capture one's attention 替换 attract one's attention.

20. facet, demension, sphere 替换 aspet.

21. be indicative of, be suggestive of, be fearful of 替换 indicate,suggest, ear.

22. give rise to, lead to, result in, trigger 替换 cause.

23. There are several reasons behind sth 替换 …reasons for sth.

24. desire 替换 want.

25. pour attention into 替换 pay attention to.

26. bear in mind that 替换 remember.

27. enjoy, possess 替换 have(注意process是过程的意思)。

28. interaction 替换 communication.

29. frown on sth 替换 be against , disagree with sth .

30. to name only a few, as an example 替换 for example, for instance.

31. next to / virtually impossible 替换 nearly / almost impossible.

32. regarding / concerning 替换 about.

33. crucial /paramount 替换 important.

34. 第一(in the first place/the first and foremost);第二(there is one more point, I should touch on, that…);第三(the last but not the least).

35. assiduous 替换 hard-working

36. arduous 替换 difficult

37. underdeveloped / financially-challenged 替换poor(因为poor通常含有贬义)

38. demonstrate / manifest 替换 show

39. invariably 替换 always

40. perilous / hazardous替换 dangerous(写社会类作文时常用,说什么社会现象是不好的,有害的)

41. formidable 替换 difficult

42. quintessential 替换 typical(举例时常用,例如:a quintessential example should be cited that=for example; for instance)

43. distinguished 替换 famous

44. feasible 替换 possible

45. consequently, accordingly替换 so


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