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20151021-33 卢策吾: Two-Class Weather Classification

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摘要: 【15-33期VALSE Webinar活动】报告嘉宾:卢策吾(Stanford University)报告时间:2015年10月21日(星期三)晚20:45(北京时间)报告题目:Two-Class Weather Classification主持人:章国锋(浙江大学)报告摘要:Im ...

【15-33期VALSE Webinar活动】

报告嘉宾:卢策吾(Stanford University)
报告题目:Two-Class Weather Classification [Slides]
报告摘要:Image weather understanding is a relatively new topic in computer vision. Different from the important object recognition and classification problems, weather  recognition needs to understand more complex phenomena. In this talk, I will present the overview and motivation of weather understanding and my work on it. I will mainly discuss the models for two-class weather classification and smog visibility estimation. I also will introduce two large-scale weather datasets we have built. Finally, future work will be discussed.
参考文献:Cewu Lu, Di Lin, Jiaya Jia, Chi-Keung Tang, "Two-Class Weather Classification", IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, (CVPR), 2014.
报告人简介: 卢策吾,2013年获香港中文大学博士学位,现为斯坦福大学人工智能实验室(Stanford University, AI lab)博士后研究员(research fellow)。其研究兴趣包括物体识别,动作检测,图像与文本联合分析。目前发表(含接收)18篇CCF-A类文章,其中包括11篇CVPR/ICCV, 一篇提出算法在open CV中应用,一篇为SIGGRAPH ASIA 近5年内被引用数最高。作为领队,参加 ImageNet比赛 ILSVRC 2014 获 object detection track (without extra data)第四名。


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