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20180131-4 Hamid Laga,Guan Wang:Statistical Modelling in Tree-Shape Space

2018-1-25 17:46| 发布者: 程一-计算所| 查看: 2651| 评论: 0

摘要: 报告嘉宾:Hamid Laga(Murdoch University)Guan Wang(Tongji University Murdoch Universtiy)报告时间:2018年01月31日(星期三)晚上20:00(北京时间)报告题目:Statistical Modelling in Tree-Shape Space主 ...

报告嘉宾: Hamid Laga(Murdoch University

Guan Wang(Tongji University& Murdoch Universtiy)


报告题目:Statistical Modelling in Tree-Shape Space



We propose an algorithm for generating novel 3D tree model variations from existing ones via geometric and structural blending. Our approach is to treat botanical trees as elements of a tree-shape space equipped with a proper metric that quantifies geometric and structural deformations. Geodesics, or shortest paths under the metric, between two points in the tree-shape space correspond to optimal deformations that align one tree onto another, including the possibility of growing, adding or removing branches and parts. Central to our approach is a mechanism for computing correspondences between trees that have different structures and different number of branches. The ability to compute geodesics and their lengths enables us to compute continuous blending between botanical trees, which in turn facilitates statistical analysis such as the computation of averages of tree structures. We show a variety of 3D tree models generated with our approach from 3D trees exhibiting complex geometric and structural differences. We also demonstrate the application of the framework in reflection symmetry analysis and symmetrization of botanical trees.


1.Guan Wang, Hamid Laga, Ning Xie, Jinyuan Jia, Hedi Tabia.“The Shape Space of 3D Botanical Tree Models“. ACM Transactions on Graphics(TOG), January 2018.

2.Hamid Laga, Qian Xie, Ian H. Jermyn, and Anuj Srivastava.“Numerical Inversion of SRNF Maps for Elastic Shape Analysis of Genus-Zero Surfaces”. IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence (PAMI), December, 2017.


Hamid Laga: Dr.Hamid received the M.Sc (2003) and PhD (2006) degrees in Computer Science from Tokyo Institute of Technology in the area of 3D shape analysis and retrieval. Prior to Joining Murdoch University, He worked as a senior research fellow at the Phenomics and Bioinformatics (PBRC) of the University of South Australia. He has also served as the deputy director of the PBRC. Prior to that he was Associate Professor at the Institut Telecom, Telecom Lille1 in France (2010-2012), Assistant Professor at Tokyo Institute of Technology (2006-2010), and as a fellow of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) at Nara Institute of Science and Technology (2006).

His research interests span various fields of computer vision, computer graphics, and image-based cereal plant phenotyping. 


Guan Wang: Guan Wang is a third year Ph.D. student at Tongji University, majoring in software engineering. He is currently a visiting Ph.D student at Murdoch University, Australia, under the supervision of Associate Professor Hamid Laga. He is working on the project of tree modelling using statistical models. He has received Ph.D National Scholarship in 2015 and 2017 respectively.





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